Feedstocks, Energy Pellets and Bio-products

Flexible biomass processing and integrated energy pellets production ...

Pellet Mill_2Feedstocks, Energy Pellets and Bio-products
The Herty Advanced Materials Development Center is a leader in feedstock processing at the pre-commercialization scale. In 2013, Herty opened the first fully-integrated pilot pellet mill in the United States.   At a cost of nearly $2 million, Herty’s pilot pellet mill represents an investment in state-of-the-art process equipment designed to support local and national feedstock suppliers providing them with a facility for validating process technology and for engineering pellet design. Herty works with both technology providers and project developers to mitigate risk through pilot scale validation and de-risk their development projects. Herty supports researchers working to enhance pellet design and develop methods for lowering operating costs.

Herty’s pellet mill and production facility provides access to cutting-edge technology and to new product development capabilities and support. Capabilities and services include biomass preparation and pretreatment, as well as biomass testing and pellet analysis. Herty’s pilot process is fully-integrated, starting with feedstock staging, drying, size reduction and pelletizing. The pellet line is fully automated and is equipped with the best available technologies for fire detection and suppression. At Herty, clients can evaluate the effect of additives, such as binders, on pellet quality and our on-site laboratories can measure key product properties, such as heating values.

Student in Lab_ComputerHerty’s experienced and dedicated staff will work with you to determine feedstock processing needs. Our flexible handling systems allow us to process biomass feedstocks in bales, trucks or in other packages such as drums or super sacks.  And, we can process all types of woods as well as non-woods, including miscanthus, switchgrass and purpose-grown energy crops. To tailor our operations to client-specific needs, Herty offers use of the entire process or selected operations, such as drying and size reduction. We can ship dried, dried and resized, or pelletized material in trucks, supersacks or other preferred methods.

Biofuels Laboratory
Herty’s biofuels laboratory is equipped to handle your feedstock and product testing needs. We address all of your advanced testing needs, and at Herty we keep adding to our capabilities to anticipate the future needs of our clients.

Our testing capabilities include:

- Ash: Gravimetric ash content as well as elemental analysis using PerkinElmer ICP
– Biomass feedstock size classification : Domtar, Williams or Sieves classification
– Bulk density
– Heating value
– Moisture content
– Thermal analysis: TGA/DTA and DSC

Biofuels and Biomaterials Testing and Production
Herty is currently expanding its capabilities to include pilot scale testing and toll production capabilities for biochemicals and bioproducts. When complete, these expanded facilities will include multi-client processing equipment as well as specialized equipment for client-confidential process and product development. Contact us for details on our progress and how we can help you realize your process and product development goals.

Technology and Economic Analysis
Herty offers expertise in economic modeling and techno-economic analysis. We support Life Cycle Analysis and site selection. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

PelletsFeedstock and Process Characterization
Herty assists clients in establishing sampling protocols to sample and test feedstock quality. Extensive data analysis and reports allow clients to characterize feedstocks and assess feedstock quality entering their process, enabling them to optimize their feedstock procurement and processing. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

Contact: Omar Ali, Ph.D., Director, Bioproducts Division, at 912-963-2640 or OAli@herty.com.

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