Chemicals, Synthetic Fibers and Composites

Carbon FiberMaterials
While Herty is known as a center for bio-based materials, we also have considerable experience with a range of materials including carbon fiber, inorganic fibers and “waste” streams, such as reclaimed metals and fabrics. Herty’s large pilot-scale facility and knowledgeable staff provides the perfect platform for demonstrating novel concepts in process design and new product development. Our pilot scale manufacturing capabilities, in-house laboratory testing, and skilled personnel are a winning formula to your materials development project.


Our Focus
- Engineered light-weight composites
– Bio-based performance materials such as high performance fibers, adhesives and coatings
– Nanomaterials and nano-based composites
– Filtration systems for water and air
– Materials reuse in engineered products and systems

How We Add  Value
- Contract production of specialized materials
– Accelerate your product development and “go-to-market” process
– Provide subject matter experts and economic development partners