Dr. Charles Herty

In 1938, the Herty Advanced Materials Development Center was established by the State of Georgia to honor Dr. Charles H. Herty, a chemist whose discoveries spearheaded the utilization of southern softwoods in the manufacture of pulp and paper products. Dr. Herty’s work on pulping chemistry led to the creation of an industry  now employing nearly 125,000 people within the State of Georgia and generating over $25 billion in revenues.*

In 2012, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal transferred management of Herty to Georgia Southern University to enhance economic and business development in the State of Georgia. The alignment with Georgia Southern University creates a powerful partnership, which links academic research at GS with applied research activities at Herty. As result, Herty can now provide expertise and support along all the full gamut of technical readiness levels: from benchscale to full production and from concept to commercialization.

While much has changed since the founding of the Herty Advanced Materials Development Center, what has never changed is the need to support and encourage new ideas and unlock commercial opportunities. Today, the Herty Center is a global leader in traditional and advanced materials innovation. New process and product developers work with the Herty Center to support their materials innovation needs in such diverse areas as fiber recycling, roll-based composites, hydrophobic pellet development and bio-based chemical intermediates.

A few highlights from Herty’s rich history include:

- Development of the acid sulfite process for softwoods
– Development of cellulose acetate  from southern pine
– Development of recycling processes for both synthetic and natural fibers
– Creation of innovative processes to add strength to building and paper products
– Development of DuPont™  NOMEX® paper
– Development of innovative composites for the transportation industry
– Development of friction products used in the transportation industry
– Development of synthetic non-woven fabrics for the medical industry

The Herty Advanced Materials Development Center holds true to the fundamentals that Dr. Charles H. Herty established: the need to recognize new concepts, encourage innovation and unlock commercial opportunities.

*Economic Benefits of the Forestry Industry in Georgia 2011, Georgia Forestry Commission