Job Openings

2) Job Title: Lab Technician

Supervisor/Manager:  Director, Laboratory Services

Essential Functions/Description of Position:

The responsibilities of the Lab Technician may include, but are not limited to:

Responsible for adhering to all safety and health standards.

Incumbent tests (routine, standard, and special) for paper and board, as well as non-woven products.

He/she must be capable of performing physical and/or chemical analysis on paper or pulp, with minimal supervision, including fiber preparation, physical strength evaluation, and/or chemical analysis.  Individual is responsible for performing calibration checks on the laboratory test equipment before each use.

  1. Incumbent must formulate paper handsheets with only general supervision using TAPPI standard procedures or client requested methodology.
  2. Individual must be competent in the general operation of most, if not all, laboratory equipment and corresponding TAPPI procedures.
  3. Operating pulp characterization equipment using pulp generated in the laboratory, pilot plant, or by the client.
    1. Operating laboratory refiners, digesters and/or sheet making equipment and produces test pulps and papers that have a stated level of precision and accuracy.
    2. Making simple chemical analysis on materials or preparing samples for testing, running tests, and recording data.
    3. Calling attention to data or operating conditions that are unusual or that have not been anticipated.
    4. Making up pulping liquor.

Working Conditions/Environment:

The technician may work with heated pressure vessels, potentially hazardous chemicals, and rotating machinery.

Special Skills, Knowledge or Education Required:

Incumbent must have knowledge of the techniques, TAPPI methods, and procedures needed to process and test all commonly used fibers and/or chemicals.  Must have, or be willing to develop, background and experience in the operation of testing equipment and support computers used in the performance of work.  Must be able to relate training and education to perform mathematical calculations to determine addition of raw materials and equipment running levels, and interpret results of data.  Must have a working knowledge of test results for routine types of material evaluated and be able to recognize when a result falls outside of a normal range.  At least a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent is required; some college is preferred.  Incumbent will be required to complete an in-house training program and demonstrate a working knowledge of test procedures.

Special courses in physical sciences and mathematics are desirable.